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Want to improve your performance? Trying to get the most from the limited time you have available to train? Looking for a coach you can relate to, communicate with and feel supported by?

Our mission is to educate and empower you with the tools and strength you need to unleash your potential, accomplish your goals and live your dreams.

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We utilize an integrated, holistic approach to coaching that addresses both your physical and internal landscape. We work to identify and overcome your performance limiters and help you achieve your highest vision for yourself.

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Latest Blog & Testimonials

Epic Croom Off-Season Ride Blows Riders Away

Check out the video from one of the Wide Open Program off-season rides. The ‘Epic Croom’ ride was 106 miles long with steady tempo riding, 2 dirt road sections and a 10 mile race section at the end. Epic described it well. Visit our coaching services page to find out how you can get the fitness to kill rides like this in 2014. We’d like to thank everyone who came out and the sponsors who made it happen. Lifevantage Suncoast Trailside Bikes West Coast Cycling Florida Velo Endurofit Simon Says Cycling Gourmet Cycling Travel  

Time to Get EPIC!!!!!

We had so much fun last Sunday, we are going to do it again….. We are doing the EPIC Croom Route again on Sunday the 22nd! – we are adding a third dirt section, steady paceline at tempo without attacks until the sprint/prize zones, regroup after any hard efforts, and hammering only for the last 20 or so miles. We roll out at 7:00am from the Suncoast Trailside bike shop on Hwy 54 (next to Target). 103 miles, be prepared, bring good spare tubes, extra air, a few bucks for our one refuel stop. Here is the route, although we will alter it slightly to ride on Dan Brown Hill Rd (dirt road). And we may do it reverse this time. Be prepared for whatever comes! http://ridewithgps.com/routes/3711935

Nutrition Tips – Keep it Simple for Success

People often ask me what to eat. Instead of giving specific food choices and meal recipes, I give suggestions for macro-nutrient pairing, timing and food types. If you just follow a specific diet, you will stay on it for a while and then quit. You won’t create a sustainable diet that adheres to the principles of proper eating for health, body composition and performance. Lastly, you won’t learn how to do it yourself and you will go right back to where you were and what you were doing prior. Instead, I teach people how, when and what types of foods to eat.  By empowering rather than enabling, we create an approach to eating that is effective, healthy, enjoyable and sustainable for the long haul. That’s the goal. Here are some suggestions for you to practice and incorporate into your eating regimen. The specifics aren’t as important as the types, timing, combinations and consistency over time. Put them to practice and watch the results come quickly. Experiment, have fun with it…

  • Thanks to Jeb I am the current Cat 3 points leader and looking forward to finishing off my season strong.

    Roy Foley
  • One of the most dramatic and impactful decisions Gearlink Racing made as a team was to partner with Jeb Stewart and Endurofit in the fall of 2010.

    Jared Zimlin, President of Gearlink Racing
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